Friday, 20 May 2011

I gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash...

Ok well this one was only going to be a short outfit of the day posts but then I came home to a couple of lovely packages so I decided to get myself a green tea and the last cupcake left over from my raffle win at the Pamper Party on Wednesday and get down to business....

Bit of a thrown together outfit today, a Topshop tan top and Miss Selfridge black stretchy skirt, with my new Primark tan loafers. 

So anyway I came home to find my goodies I ordered from Chelsea Doll on Wednesday with their 20% discount code for reaching 3000 followers. They have some gorgeous things, I'm personally a fan of their The Skullery range, but there's something to suit everyone on there. I wish I had some birthdays or something to buy presents for but as I don't, I'll just have to treat myself! Check them out here, but you have been warned, purchases will be made!

Apologies that you can see the tiles of my kitchen floor on these, but I'm still experimenting where the best surface is to get good pictures!

And now to THE most exciting part of my day...I received this in the post in one of my packages:

Yes that's right.....the brand new Batiste dry shampoo that is supposed to give big and bouncy XXL volume. And anything that claims this is going to be a potential winner/beauty staple in my life!

I'm going to test this out and review it tomorrow with some before and after pictures. From what I can tell so far it smells lush, fingers crossed I'm going to fall in love with it like I have with all the other Batiste products (currently on the extra dark dry shampoo!)


  1. Oooooh love the shoes and the lip earings... that batiste looks amazing hoping its as good as it looks, cant wait to see your review x x

  2. loafers = fab with that outfit they totally make it, such a shoe collection omg so jel!!!