Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mini elf haul...

I’m in a ridiculously good mood today for a number of reasons:

1)    only one more day left of work then it’s a long weekend (even though I’m working in Office on Sunday but that doesn’t count!)
2)    One of my besties is back from uni for good tomorrow and I can’t wait to have her back in my life!
3)    The combination of 1) and 2) obviously lead to number three being a very big drunken re-union on Sunday night which I am gagging for I won’t lie. And this also means that…
4)    It’s not long until I can break my detox. OK I won’t break it completely, I’ll still eat healthily and not binge on sweets but it does mean that HELLO ROSE you’re back in my life. And oh, how I’ve missed you (yes I really am a bit of a wino)
5)    I finally got my nail appointment booked for Saturday thanks to a cancelation at the salon, so I’m going to have lovely gel nails for the outing on Sunday.

And finally 6) My second ever Elf order came in the post today and I’m really pleased with it. I want quite a lot of things off the site at the moment that aren’t available but I’m eagerly awaiting the email off them telling me they’ve got them and I can go purchase!!

I did, however, purchase a few lovely bit’s that I could not be happier with!
I firstly got a couple of brushes from their basic range and their studio line. I’ve always been a bit wary of makeup brushes, sceptical of what to use and how. I’ve always gone for the classic blusher brush and an eyeshadow brush but that’s usually been my limit, but with the affordable range that ELF do, I’ve felt the need to experiment a bit more with my tools of the trade.

First off I got (thank the lord) a smudging brush. This will save my poor mum having to buy cotton wool buds quite as often, as that’s what I’ve always used for my makeup in the past. I’m a big fan of the Smoulder eyeliner from Mac as it smudges easily but gives a lovely dark finish, so I can’t wait to try smudging it with my new brush tomorrow morning!

I also got a stipple brush from their studio range which I’m excited about. I’m a bit useless with foundation, after using a powder base with a sponge applicator for the past 4 years I’m now on to Mac studio fix which (of course) is a liquid. I’m terrible with my fingers because it just ends up going everywhere, and I was a bit disappointed when I purchased the Mac foundation brush for about £26 with this foundation, as it isn’t really that amazing. After reading a lot of peoples post talking about stipple brushes I thought I’d give this a go! Does any one else use one of these to apply their foundation??

As for the makeup, I went for two more eye products, the shimmer eyeliner in gunmetal, and the lifter and filler double ended eyebrow pencil in ivory/medium. 

(shimmer eyeliner in gunmetal) 

I love love love this eyebrow pencil, I think it’s fab being so thick so you get great coverage, and I might even buy it in the darker shade to get a more dramatic coverage for night time. This is one of my favourite elf products I’ve bought so far and I’d really recommend it!

Anyway until the lip pencil and the mineral eyeshadow in nude comes in, I’m pretty satisfied on my elf purchases for a while!

Is everyone looking forward to the bank holiday weekend yet?


  1. I've had good luck with ELF lately. I really like their blush/bronzer duo that's almost a dupe for Nars Laguna/Orgasm duo. Glad you liked your ELF purchase!

  2. I nearly bought that but couldn't decide. That will be in my next purchase then!!


  3. Oh yeah I love the elf blush and bronzing duo, so pretty :)
    Great haul hun xxx

  4. The studio powder brush from elf is so good for