Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pretty little things.....

I've treated myself A LOT just recently I won't lie. First of all I did my first ever Elf order.

I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake for this one but I was always a bit unsure because it's so cheap, however I needed a couple of makeup brushes and I'd seen a lot of people say how good they are. I got a couple but I'll be honest I don't think much to them, and you're all fed up of hearing about them by now I'm sure. I did get two lovely treats in my delivery though.....

I apologise for all of the swatches on this post, I had to do them when I came in earlier in the bathroom with no natural light. This is the duo eye shadow cream in gorgeous brown tones. I'm never a huge fan of cream eyeshadows as I think they crease but this is amazing. Literally! The pale cream on itself is so nice right over the eyelid, and the dark one is quite nice to line the eye if I don't fancy a harsh black.

This is the new Pigment Eyeshadow in black, and it is amazing. I need to put a base on before I apply it (Benefit Lemonaid) but stays on all day, and the applicator is really tiny but great! I'll get some pictures of these on at some point but I've really not had time!

I also went on the hunt the other day for a lip scrub, after my love affair with the Bodyshop scrub died a slow painful death when I think I suddenly became allergic to it (well I think I did, it made my lips all flakey and red). I've heard this mentioned once or twice, and I may have to go and buy it in all three flavours. I went for chocolate and vanilla....

Lush Sweet Lips lip scrub is literally a miracle product, and the pot is so big it is going to last me ages!! 

Now to the fun part, I went to a charity pamper night for my mums friends charity walk in Cambodia, I don't know what the website is for it yet but I'm definitely going to find out what it is and get it on here, everyone needs to take a look because it's such a good cause!! The pamper night was great, I didn't have anything done but I got the number for a lady who does home visits to do coloured gel nail overlays which I am certainly going to get done asap!! Mainly because my nail varnish chips within minutes at the moment! So So annoying!

I did spend a fair bit though (and won some insanely amazing cupcakes which are nearly all gone!) mainly on benefit cosmetics, which were being sold pretty cheap! It was 2 items for £20, or £15 for the gift sets like the brow set and smokey eye pallet. I won't go through most of the things I bought from there because most of it was replenishing old things that were running out and if I decide to start on youtube videos I'll do a post on my makeup essentials that will have them in it. The one thing I did buy is this little beauty...

Again sorry about the swatches. This claims to cover pores and act as a base under foundation. It's actually great as a very pale foundation or concealer, except it's just a little tiny bit to pale for me. It stops my shiny forehead which is always a bonus, and isn't too heavy on my skin. It makes my foundation go on so smoothly but I'd definitely recommend putting a thin layer of moisturiser on and letting it dry before you slap the makeup on. As with all benefit makeup, you get a lovely set of instructions which always make me smile :)

Finally, I spotted a bargain tan while I was there, for only £2. I have to say, except St Tropez, it is the BEST tan of this sort I have ever used. No smell at all, doesn't come off on clothes or sheets, and even though it's colourless (it comes out like hair mouse which was confusing to start with) it doesn't streak at all. It's a very natural colour and does look good over a layer of garnier summer body. 

I don't know where else you can buy this from, if anyone has seen it in shops then PLEASE let me know. Also, I forgot to do a before and after but if anyone wants to see what the colours like then just let me know and I'll do a swatch.

Now for a quick outfit post from today....

The makeup picture is awful sorry. Anyway skirt, shoes, vest, all jewellery and belt are from Primark. Cardigan and blazer are H&M. 

Makeup isn't really worth it becuase the picture is rubbish but... 
Foundation is Mac full coverage
mascara is Collection 2000 false lash effect
Lipstick in Dreamy from 17
Blusher is W7 in bright pink
eyeliner is Mac and my favourite product I've ever used.

Anyway that was a bit or a mess sorry about that. I need to take a bit more care over my pictures and not rush things.....

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