Saturday, 14 May 2011

Big Weekend...

Well for Radio 1 anyway, which I've been listening to all day so far and am absolutely loving. Of course I'd love to be there but it was a bit of a mission from Leicester so I never bothered registering for tickets. Ellie Goulding has been a highlight so far, she's just incredible.

I, on the other one, have had the opposite of a big weekend. I'm exactly half way through my detox, still no alcohol and a whole load of very healthy food. I'm feeling so much better for it, but have had to brighten up my sober evenings and non-hungover days with a little bit of shopping. I popped into town with Mum today just to browse Boots and such-like (there's not much on offer in Hinckley in fairness) and ended up in one of my fave haunts, Kerrie Anne's. I'm not sure if this is a country-wide thing, but I know we have one in Hinckley and there's one in Nuneaton. It's basically end of range makeup sold of cheaply, and you find some real bargains in there.

I'm a huge fan of W7 as a cheap makeup brand. Anybody tried it? I've had a couple of their nail varnishes and coloured eyeliners in the past. I tend to buy random items from there, like strange shades of eyeshadow that I'm not sure if I'll like, instead of spending a lot on them from Mac or anywhere else. I went for this nail varnish today, because's orange AND sparkly!!

You really can't tell on here but it is BRIGHT!! I mean seriously neon! They don't have colour shades or numbers on W7 nail varnishes which is annoying, but if you ever see this one in a shop you won't miss it, so so bright! Bit of a bargain of £1.70 and is quite a big bottle that lasts ages, although I do find it goes quite lumpy quite fast so I add a couple of drops of nailvarnish remover to it before I use it and give it a good shake and it's fine.

I also went for a W7 blusher as well, which is unusual for me as I'm a big BIG Mac blusher fan. However, if I go on a night out I do like to take my blusher out with me for a top up and I don't like the idea of taking my Mac one out with me for it to get smashed or lost, so I always have a cheap alternative.  This one is really pinky which is totally different from my usual darker hue of Mac Fleaur Power, but when I'm out (and drunk) I don't trust myself with such a dark shade, I'm safer with brighter colours! 

The swatch on my hand is a bit rubbish, wouldn't show up on camera properly sorry!

It's a nice colour when it's on that you can build up as much as you want, it goes on REALLY bright and with a nice solid colour if you layer it up! 

I couldn't decide on an outfit today, I got ready once and changed my mind, but I took pictures of both. Really casual today, went for the Blazers and ended up wearing them with a Primark checked shirt and my Sass and Bide jeans rolled up....

Anyway I'm going to spend the rest of my evening watching So You Think You Can Dance and the Eurovision with a big pizza (It's Saturday after all, I deserve a treat!) Hope everyones having a good weekend!! 


  1. So totally in love with your trainers!!


  2. Your trainers are amazing ! I want to visit this amazing sounding cheap make-up shop!! Ive got a few W7 nail varnishes from random shops for like a £1 so no complaints !! xxx

  3. Thank you! I love them so much! :)
    I can't believe how good they are for the money, and how long they last!