Friday, 6 May 2011

Just a few....

From Easter. Steph finally put some pictures on from Easter so here they are....

All four of us loving life in the Barron, possibly before all the Vodka was consumed...?

Me and Steph getting all patriotic with the bunting the eve before the Royal Wedding.

Easily the messiest night of the entire Easter period. Shots were involved. Enough said. 

This one just makes me smile so much!! 

Kellie getting in on the patriotic celebrations!


Literally LOVE this so much. Chris is such a babe....Stephs baby cousin and one of the nicest guys in the entire world. We both look pretty hot in this one....

....but maybe not so much in this one.....!

Sorry these are all mixed up, this one is actually the first night out of the four. Stephs dress is from ASOS (although I could be wrong....) Sarah wore skinny jeans and a gorgeous top from New Look (very jel of her working there I won't lie!) I went for Miss Selfridge high waisted denim shorts and over the knee socks, with my new Topshop top tucked in. Kelli had a floral playsuit from Primark.

Shots. Again. Always know it's going to be a messy one!

Three double vodka lemonade and limes. Possibly all mine....

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