Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My blogging journey so far...

I’ve just had a look back through my blog to remind myself what sort of posts I’ve written in the past etc and it occurred to me that I’ve not really been doing this very long but in the short time I have been blogging, I’ve learnt a LOT. I’ve also made some great friends through blogging and found my lunchtime reading-matter every day at work. I only really started my blog up when I was looking to get into the world of PR and realised I’d not written so much as my name since I left university 9 months previous. Since then it’s turned into not only hobby but also a great networking skill.

I’ve gone from doing a blog purely based on fashion to venturing into the beauty world, doing some reviews and talking about what I’ve bought. I’ve considered doing some demo’s and how-to’s as well, as people keep asking me how I get my hair so big, and what tan I use. I’ve also considered you-tube video’s as well but I’m not sure I feel confident enough to do those yet, or that I have anything interesting enough to say for people to listen to me!

I do, like most people, have some favourite blogs that I look forward to reading, for a variety of reasons. Here’s just a few, and why I love them….

For fashion and beautiful photography, I love reading Kerry's blog. 

For a girl after my own heart when it comes to highstreet, I love Blair's blog, always love how the same clothes can be mixed and matched to create totally different outfits.

As I said, I’m considering venturing into youtube video’s to do demo’s and hopefully make product reviews easier, and these two blogs from Yu and Katey have really inspired me to do this, I especially love the makeup collection video’s and the monthly favourites.

A few more I love for various reasons are:
so go along and take a look if you haven’t met them already J

Also, I’ve been tempted to start up a little book of inspirations thanks to a few people I’ve seen on here with them. I’d love to tag them in this post but I really can’t remember where I’ve seen them or who’s done them! I’ve literally got a pile of magazines on my desk in my room that threatens to cascade onto the floor if I risk another one on top, and I only really keep them to flick through if I’m bored or remind myself of styles I’d seen. To save time and space I went along to Paperchase (I could live and die in that shop, I literally love it!) and purchased myself a lovely notepad which I’m going to use as a sort of style bible, so if I see any great looks or makeup styles, or anything else that I love I can just rip it out and stick it in! This might also help with my “what the HELL am I going to wear” drama’s before a night out, as I can just flick through and see what inspiration I get!

(only a very very small selection of my magazine stash)

Last couple of things, I did my first e.l.f makeup order last night. I’d heard about it before but kind of dismissed it, but after hearing loads of you talking about it and singing it’s praises, I decided to go ahead and get a few bits. Mainly brushes and a few eyeshadows, but I’ll show you what I got when my order comes in.

Oh and lastly (I promise, sorry I’ve rambled a bit tonight) I took a quick snap before I left for work thismorning. Really loved this outfit even though it was so randomly thrown together. It’s just an ancient red and black checked shirt from Primark (I think I got it in my first year at university!!) with ruffles down the front, tucked into my Zara drop crotch grey trousers that I got in the sale for about £10 after Christmas. Worn with my patent black brogues from Office, I felt quite masculine, in a good way! Photo is horrible by the way, sorry about that but I was in a rush this morning. 

I’m going to a pamper night tomorrow with Mum and a few of her friends, it’s all in the aid of charity but who am I to turn down anything like this. Might get a few snaps if nobody mind’s me getting the camera out!

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