Monday, 18 July 2011

There's 'shopping' and then there's 'shopping'....

Hey lovelies! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I had a very very quiet one but it was nice to just chill out and relax. I went shopping with the parents on Sunday, but shock horror I didn't buy anything (apart from makeup remover and cleanser, but as these were essentials I feel they don't count!).

I took a quick OOTD for you, I wasn't a huge fan of this for a few reasons....

I never really wear leggings any more apart from when I'm jumping around the garage like a mad woman attempting to re-create the Pump It Up/WAGS workout/ Colleens bootcamp (delete as applicable) keep fit DVDs.
I also don't wear sandals. I sort of allow them under maxi skirts and dresses, but I HATE my feet in general and I think sandals just showcase them even more. As you cam probably tell from most of my OOTD posts I'd rather throw on a pair of Coverse or Nike's with a summer dress or denim shorts. So for some reason I combined both of these things in one outfit yesterday....please don't draw attention to the fact I look a bit of a tramp....

Jacket: Topshop
Top: Forever21 in New York
Leggings: Primark
Shoes: Office
Jewellery: mostly Primark
Watch: TW Steel

On another note, I bought a couple of the Collection 2000 Cream Puffs, their new moisturising lip creams. I wasn't sure what I expected from these but I loved them. They were a really subtle colour and you only need a tiny bit or they can look a bit 'cakey', but they smell AMAZING and go on smoothly, are seriously long lasting, and a nice alternative to a gloss.  

(l- Fairy Cake, r- Powder Puff)

If you like a tinted balm then I think you'll love these, lovely and soft, don't dry your lips out and don't have a sticky feeling that makes your hair stick to your lips as soon as the wind blows. Over all I think these are amazing, and I can't wait to get them in a few other colours!

Has anyone else tried these? Or any of the other colours?



  1. I think you look really preety :)
    I really want to try those, how much are they? x

  2. Ahhh thanks :) I think they're £2.99 but on 2 for £5 offer (or something like that!)


  3. hahaha you have the wag workout and i have chantelles (Big brother, now dating alex reid) bootcamp!!!! The cheesy ones must be the best... altho ive only done it once I could not walk the next day. x x

  4. Super excited to try these lip balms, and that watch is AMAZING!! xx

  5. Love your outfit :).

    Sadie x