Sunday, 3 July 2011

The final nail in the coffin....

Wahhhhh :( my nails have gone. After 5 weeks they had just got too long (I couldn't even do my own bracelets up) and the tips had just about grown off so I decided to take them off and go natural for a while. In fact, I'm determined to grow my own nails! I have the worst peely flaky nails ever, so not sure how well it is going to go, but one of my mates bought some hair and nail tablets from Holland and Barrett....

Her nails were the same as mine are now and did NOT grow but this was like a miracle and they're gorgeous now. Also, if they help my hair to grow that will be an added bonus. I think these were £6.99 so even if they don't work I haven't lost anything! You take 3 a day with meals, so I'll do an update every week to see how well they're working!

I also bought some Sally Hansen Maximum Growth treatment, which is just a clear varnish that aims to strengthen nails and aid growth.... (excuse my HORRIBLE nails, they are as sore as they look!)

While I was browsing Boots, I also came across this little contraption.... a back tanner!?! It may be useless but I'm a sucker for a tanning gadget, I'm off for a shower and to tan now so I'll let you know how it goes!!

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  1. OH.. MY.. GOD!!!! Neeedddd that back tanner, my bf kicks up the biggest fuss coz i make him tan my back, an literally its the only thing I make him do!!! Who need a man now eh haha x x x