Monday, 11 July 2011

Talk about a late discovery...

How have I never got around to buying this little beauty before?? I keep reading about the Une skin-glow pencil and saying I'm going to pick one up when I'm next in Superdrug, but I always get distracted by the pretty nail varnishes and lipsticks. Today I popped in and actually bought it and I can honestly say there's an element of regret that it's taken me so long. I got it in shade G03, it was either this or the shade lighter but when I actually tried it (as soon as I got back into the office) I was so glad I went for this one.

I've never ever gone in for the whole white eyeliner on the water line business but this is just amazing. A perfect match to my skin tone, creamy formula that blends well, and from my quick test of it this afternoon it lasts quite well too. I'm not sure how it will look when I've got full eye makeup on but with a bright lipstick and tons of mascara, this is going to be a permanent addition to my everyday makeup routine.

If you've thought about buying this but never got round to so immediately.

I've not heard much about the rest of the Une makeup range, has anyone else tried anything or recommend anything else, I'm so impressed with this I'd feel like trying some other things from their range.



  1. Hmm, I might try this out, how much did it set you back? x

  2. £6.99 but I'd definitely say it's worth it! They've got a great range of shades as well so you can match your skin tone really easily.