Saturday, 23 July 2011

Twice baked....

I woke up to a lovely surprise this morning, my Body Shop parcel came, which was brilliant considering it only got dispatched yesterday! So first of, YAY for The Body Shop!

Secondly, YAY for their amazing makeup which, until I spent a good ten minutes discussing the merits of a shimmer versus a matt bronzer with the lady in my local store on Thursday, I'd never really been bothered about before. Whilst it's true that I am what could only be described as addicted to their all in one face base (I've been using this for forever and a day!) I only ever walk in, grab it and walk out again. I kind of just wandered into The Body Shop out of boredom on my lunch break and discovered their Baked To Last Range which is just stunning! I didn't actually get any there and then, and instead came home and popped on their website to see if they happened to have any offers on. And let me tell you, oh yes they did!! If you spent over £40, you got £20 off your order, and free delivery on orders over £20, which I had a feeling wouldn't be a problem. This is what I got....

They had two bronzers, this one was the lighter of the two and was actually a lot lighter than I'd ever buy. I think it would be OK as a bit of an extra colour over my face when I have a tan, a bit like a powder, or even a bronzing highlighter. I'd definitely pick up the darker bronzer next time I'm in The Body Shop, it's not too shimmery to be used all over the face, and the colour stays all day! This one was in Warm Glow. 

I'm not very experimental (as you may know) when it comes to eyeshadows, but they had some gorgeous colours in their baked eyeshadows. They have two tones to them, a dark and a light. They are SO pigmented, I haven't actually tried this yet but they look like they'll go on amazingly! This one was in  Moonstone, but I also liked the look of Copper and Starlight. 

This was easily my favourite buy, their baked blusher in Petal. Again like the eyeshadow it has two colours to it, but swirling a big brush across the two of these gives a lovely colour. The pale colour on the right makes a great highlighter, I wore the pink as a blusher with a sweep of the highlighter today and it has stayed put all day, it's such a beautiful pinky colour that really matches my skin tone. 

The last think I bought was one of their cult products, their shimmer cube palettes. Not much needs to be said about these, gorgeous colours, really pigmented, and work well alone or together to create a smokey eye. 

Has anyone else tried anything from the Baked range from The Body Shop? Do you recommend any other colours/shades?