Sunday, 10 July 2011

Where's my money....

First of all I just want to say a huge thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog and on twitter about my last post, I know it was a bit of a different one and I rambled a bit but some of you lovely people managed to make it right the way through to the end and seem to agree with me, so thank you :)

I've had such a packed weekend, I went to see my friend in his lady gaga tribute act on Friday night (he's not actually Lady Gaga can I just add!) It was brilliant and I'll have video's on youtube channel soon. I know they're not in-keeping with my channel but you absolutely have to see him....he's brilliant!!

I went out with the girls last night and unfortunately didn't get a single outfit picture which was annoying because I loved my outfit! I'll re-create it another day for you! Today I popped into Leicester with mum and dad and picked up a bit more makeup storage, only to read that the bblogger chat is all about the exact same thing....can't wait for this!!

Topshop makeup is slowly becoming an addiction....I went in there the other day and didn't even bother looking at the clothes! I never really jumped on the bandwagon when it first came out, but now I can't stop buying it! I now have all (I think) of the Topshop lipsticks apart from the lilac one which scares the hell out of me!! (Should I just go for it though...??)

Here's my mini haul...

Lipstick in Brighton Rock
Cream to powder blusher in Head Over Heels
Eye crayon in Lazy Days
Nail varnishes in Mover n Shaker and Hunting

As soon as I got home, I had to get Hunting (the green shade) on my nails, I'm so in love with it....

Sorry about the state of my nails, I've not got them right since I took my gel extensions off last weekend, they're a bit of a mess but they are getting better, I'm so determined to actually grow them and stop biting them!!

(l-r) Blush in head over heels, crayon in lazy days, lipstick in brighton rock.

The lipstick is amazing, I love the matt finish of their lipsticks and it lasts ages! It doesn't melt (a definite bonus for me) and they have really individual colours. The eye crayon is probably one of my favourite purchases though, it's such a pale pink with an amazing gold glitter in it that you can't really see on this picture. This will look amazing with loads of black kohl eyeliner and lashings of black mascara on a night out!!

Anyway here's a quick OOTD snap I managed before I popped into Leicester today, sorry about my rough appearance I was feeling a little tender from last night! 

Skirt: Zara
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Hair: NATURAL (I went without extensions for once!!)

I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend and I'll probably see some of you in the bbloggers chat later!


  1. I just posted a review of this blush a few minutes ago!

    Great buys. Do you have the 'ohh la la' lipstick. I'm tempted to buy it but the colour looks a bit scary! xx

  2. Yes I've got that one it was one of my first, it's gorgeous! I usually wear it with a bit of gloss over it to tone it down though.


  3. You look gorgeous! I love your purple maxi skirt! Hunting looks like an amazing colour and definitely something I'll have to pick up next time I'm in Topshop! Also, I know what you mean about not getting pictures of your ootn's that you love, I never manage to get any of mine :(

    Gem x

  4. The blush looks soooooo pretty! Too bad there's no Topshop here in Canada ):

  5. Heyya :)
    Just realised I havent commented here in a while! Silly me Im a busy bee :)
    I really want to try topshop makeup actually, every time I go to get some though and look at the 5 pound nail varnishes I can hear barry M 2.95 nail paints calling at me from Superdrug so I pass but I might give them a try now :)
    The lady gaga tribute sounds cool, love to see that :)
    Love the skirt, did you get that recently? How much was it? Maxi skirts/dresses really suit you :)
    Sorry for the ramble, keep up the good blogging/youtubing!

  6. LOVE the outfit, so cute! You look lovely x

  7. thanks girls :) I know what you mean Izzy, I've not been keeping up on what's going on on here at all this week! It was in the sale, don't think they've got any more in this colour but they might have different ones.


  8. Love the skirt <3, so, so pretty, you look fab.

    Now following your blog.

    Sadie x