Sunday, 30 January 2011

Today I wore....

Went shopping (with no money because payday isn't until TOMORROW!) with mum and dad today, then out for a meal afterwards. It's not very often we all go out together on a weekend, as I'm usually working, so it made a nice change. Me and mum wandered round Matalan looking for bargains, then popped into next. I'm not usually keen on Next, I can give or take their stuff usually, but I've walked away a very excited girl. Saw a jumpsuit and a dress I'm absolutely lusting over, and as soon as I get time I'm going back to Next to try them on. Got a few events coming up that I need outfits for so these could cover it.... I'd love to post some pictures from the Next website but I don't get on well with their site and I can't find them, but I'll hopefully be bringing them home with me as new purchases soon and you can see them :)

So I wore.....

Cardigan from Primark ages ago.
Leggings primark.
Necklace h&m.
Boots from some random shop in Birmingham and an absolute bargain at £30!

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