Sunday, 9 January 2011


Yes, yes OK I claim to love fashion. And style. Doesn't mean I'm not opposed to lying on my sofa with my two favourite men (Ben and Jerry) in my £3 Primark Joggers and my University of Lincoln Hoody (red). But come on, it's Sunday night and it's the first Dancing on Ice, so I can claim I'm being "influenced" by the outfits. Don't worry I won't be going to work dressed in lycra and sequins tomorrow, the people of Leicester can rest easy.

So I'm 22, from Leicester (well, Hinckley but the less said about that the better) work in Office in the Highcross, graduated from University Last year with a 2:1 in BA(Hons) Advertising and Marketing, and still live with my parents. I can count the good things about living back home on one hand; one of them being the walk in wardrobe.

"Walking in Heels" is my little online sanctuary to talk about all the things I love: fashion, people, advertising, music, the media, and the new found love: photography. I'm probably not very good but I'm going to steal/borrow dad's fancy camera (perk number two of living back with the parents) and see how that goes.

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