Wednesday, 19 January 2011


If only mine looked like this. Well maybe not this big; I do fancy being able to see my eyebrows every now and again. But I would like a bit more volume and length, as I'm sure every girl out there would. The ones pictured above are from the e-mail advert for the new Mac false lash mascara (but as we can all see, with a few false lashes thrown in for good measure) and let me tell you, if this or any mascara made me lashes look like this, I'd be buying it in extreme bulk. Seriously, it will be stashed in my knicker/sock/belt draw! So from now on, my aim is to find the perfect solution to my lash problem.

Eyelure lashes are my absolute fave for a quick fix in the evening, but I am against paying £5 minimum for a set that
(a) will only last one night because I will no doubt get drunk and loose them, and
(b) I can't be bothered to take them off properly so I just rip them off as I climb, bleary eyed into bed at 4am, and loose 5/6 of my real eyelashes per eye, thus setting me back on my quest for amazing eyelashes to square one.

Eyelash extensions, lengthening mascara, salon extensions, lash growth accelerator etc. etc. etc. One way or another, I'm going to nail it.

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