Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Three ways to wear….a flowery summer dress....

Well there was me thinking the summer was over and then, suddenly, we're in the middle of a heatwave and I'm not prepared in the slightest! To be fair I'm quite pleased as a few summery pieces I bought this season actually remain pretty un-worn! For example, I bought this flowery dress from H&M (no idea why, not my usual style at all) and even took it on holiday with me but it didn’t get worn at all. In case you’re in the same boat as me and can’t think how you can wear said summer dress over the next few months….here you go….

Night time:
This is so simple, and I know still a bit summery but the weather today made me want to get my legs out!! Whack a load of Fake Bake on and pretend you’re showing off a late summer tan and I think you’ll get away with it!

Dress: H&M
Wedges: Forever21
Clutch: Bank
Cuff: Topshop

This is how I actually wear the dress now, it’s not really my style to wear in the daytime to go out shopping or whatever, as I’m really not a floral person! But it is comfy and I can layer it up with cardigans and jackets over the winter so I think I can get away with this.

Dress, blazer & handbag: H&M
Tights and shoes: Primark

It’s my personal belief that you can add a leather jacket, black tights and biker boots to anything and it will look fine, and I think this probably stretches as far as this dress. It just gives it that edgy feel, although I’d prefer doing this look with a lace dress. Like I said, floral isn't really my thing!

Dress & leather jacket: H&M
Bag: Urban outfitters
Boots: Step in style
Tights: Primark

I'm going to be doing a few more of these three ways to wear post, because like I mentioned in a previous post I'm trying to wear all my clothes in my wardrobe loads until I buy anything new unnecessarily!
How else would you wear this dress?

(P.S. note to self. don't buy floral!) 


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  2. love the idea of this post, the dress looks fab in all three scenarios but I'm especially loving the casual look. Leather jackets are so good at doing that
    Jenna x

  3. Fab post! I'd probably pair with a pair of coloured tights, some brogues and chunky knit cardi for the winter :) xx

  4. I love the work outfit! The blazer and summer dress look perfect together! Your hair also looks really nice up like that. The leather jacket is really nice, might try and look for one like that in H&M. Great post xxxx

  5. I think you suit floral really well hun. :)

    Can't believe all this gorgeous sunshine we're having at the moment, it's lovely isn't it. :) xx

  6. Thanks girls! Abigail the jacket is quite new so they should still have them in, they had them in loads of colours.