Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Don't be blue...

I have absolutely no idea why but I'm seriously into blue at the moment, mainly in a really bright sky blue or navy, but it seems to be sneaking into most outfits I wear. I really want to venture away from black/brown/grey eyeliner and maybe try a navy blue with a really heavy black lash, if anyone can recommend a good but fairly cheap (I don't want to risk spending a lot of money and only wearing it once!) blue eyeliner that would be fab! Anyway over the past few days I've gone mad for this nail combination...

I love the colour but am starting to go off Barry M as much because they just seem to chip too easily on my nails, and I've found I can find just as good colour ranges in Models Own and Gosh nail varnishes.  I do love this one though, in number 294 Cyan Blue.

I obviously had to take advantage of the Models Own 50% off offer before I went on holiday, although I didn't actually get them until I got back which was fine....nice little package to return home too! I've got a dark blue from Barry M but it was going a bit thick and weird, and as I said I'm going off them a bit anyway, so decided to pick up Betty Blue, which is a really nice plain navy colour. I think this will be getting a LOT of wear over the winter months!



  1. Oooh I love that Barry M colour! I just bought a nice blue colour from No7 which would look lovely in a similar manicure to this with it! xx