Thursday, 15 September 2011

Weekly review....Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman....

Hey lovelies....time for another weekly review, and I wasn't sure what to actually write about this week as I've been really good at saving my money and hardly bought anything recently! I didn't even buy anything from duty free on holiday....shock horror!

Suddenly it came to me, what better thing for a make-up brush fearing beauty hoarder (I just don't understand then!?!) to review than the new brushes they bought a few weeks ago and now couldn't live without?

I never really know what all these brushes are for...I tend to stick to a foundation brush, blusher/powder brush, angled brush for my eyebrows, a couple of eyeshadow brushes and a gel eyeliner brush. That's it, I travel quite light really, I usually quite like to use my fingers when applying makeup. However I had heard a lot about these on various youtube channels and they did seem quite multi-functional, so I decided to get them. They're the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman and cost about £10 each. I bought the stippling brush and powder brush, and literally have used them every day I've had them including on holiday.
(sorry they're a bit mucky, I'm waiting for my brush cleaner to arrive from Elf!!)
Both of these have synthetic bristles, with the stippling brush having dual fibre bristles which I tend to find stippling brushes need to have to give a totally flawless finish. They're both so soft, even after a lot of product build up. 

They have a real chunky feel when you're using them, and really professional. I use the stippling brush to apply my Mac studio fix fluid, and I used it for my Garnier BB cream while I was on holiday. I got a flawless finish every time, much better than my Mac flat foundation brush. I've mainly been using my powder brush to apply a light dusting of my Topshop bronzer to contour my face and just bring a bit of colour to my face. It's also good for blusher but only if it's a light colour that's easy to blend because it's such a huge brush it does get a bit out of hand sometimes!

Coming from someone that just likes a basic, easy to use, no fuss brush, I'd say these are perfect. I would never go back to a normal flat foundation brush after this, and I can't wait to build up my Samantha Chapman collection up a bit more....eyeshadow brushes next!!

Have anyone used these and loved them too?
Would you recommend any other brushes from her range?



  1. these look fabulous- I am deffo going to try a few out. There's nothing like good brushes! I use the clinique brush cleaner, its really good actually. Alternatively; baby shampoo is meant to be a fab brush cleaner too! xxx

  2. I've never used proper bush cleaner I've only ever used liquid hand wash, probably not the greatest. Deffo going to give baby shampoo a go!!


  3. I've used them when I did their course and I absolutely love these brushes. Really want to order some. I thought the deluxe crease brush was absolutely amazing

  4. Would love to try these brushes, theres a little blog award for you over on my page if your interested :D xx