Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bridging the gap

Just a really quick post to explain about my twitter/ facebook/ youtube situation. When I started my blog and then went on to making youtube video’s, I didn’t really want anyone I knew seeing them (I’m not sure why, but I also get the impression from a lot of other bloggers that they feel the same). Because of this, I had school friends (and maybe quite a lot of people I don’t actually like) over on my Facebook, and then colleagues, businesses, beauty bloggers etc on Twitter. There is a bit of an over lap, and I do have a few of my close friends and a select few others on Twitter. I then started getting a lot of my Twitter friends and bloggers adding me on Facebook, which I wasn’t too sure about too start with.

Anyway to stop my rambling and get to the point, whereas my Twitter is still set to private and I am still quite fussy who I accept, if any of you want to come over and say hi/ be my friend on Facebook I’d love to see you (warning: there are a LOT of drunken pictures and random banter on there!)


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