Saturday, 10 September 2011

Holiday outfit of the day part one....

Hey lovelies I'm back! I had a fantastic holiday but unfortunately I'm suffering from the holiday blues being back in the real world :( As you all know I love an OOTD post, so I took some snaps of all my outfits on holiday for you: Warning this is going to be quite a picture heavy post!! These are just the daytime outfits and bikini's, I'll put the evening outfits in a separate post to make them a bit easier to manage!

This was just the first day by the pool, my bikini is from Primark last year, and I just threw an old Topshop baggy vest over the top with some Forever 21denim shorts I got in New York last year. These sunglasses are re-appearing throughout all the pictures and were £2 from Primark and I live in them!

I'm so in love with this playsuit, it was £10 from H&M and I'll probably wear it in the winter with some black tights, nike hightops and cropped denim jacket. Flip flops from Primark and I ended up wearing them so much they wore out and I left them there.

Another day relaxing by the pool, another Primark bikini that I actually hate, the top is such a bad fit. The dress was from H&M and I bought it to wear in the summer this year with a jacket over the top or a chunky cardigan but it ended up looking so see-through I saved it for a beach coverup. Sunglasses and flipflops from Primark again. 

I wore this outfit when we popped into Pafos old town for the day, the shorts are years and years old from Republic, and the top is just a cheap one from Topshop I bought for the holiday. Change of flipflops here, but again they're from Primark. Got changed into another bikini for a bit of sunbathing when we got back, this is my favourite one from Primark (again) and has detachable straps which is useful. 

Last full day sunbathing, I threw an old bright pink bikini from Matalan on, with a little leopard print coverup from Primark I've had for years. Fancied a change of sunglasses for this one, these were £16 from Miss Selfridge and I'd love some real Ray Bans like this one day. 

We went on a jeep safari one day which I loved, we got to see so much of the island you'd never normally see, stopped of at some great viewpoints and beaches, and went through some really cute little towns. I wore some £2 pumps from Primark, and my Forever 21 shorts again, with a drop sided top from ASOS that says 'Nobody remembers the nice girl' with a bandeau from H&M underneath. The hat was purchased on holiday, Dad bought me and mum one each and it was such a good purchase because it was seriously hot!

The backdrops for these have been a bit different from my usual kitchen shots, and I thought I'd mix it up a bit with the Egyptian pyramids for this one! While we were in Cyprus we went on a daytrip to Egypt which was one of the best days of my life! I wore my hat again, and my blue Primark sandals, with what was supposed to be a beach cover up from New Look for £25, but I put over some little shorts and a vest top to wear as a dress. 

We managed to squeeze a couple of hours sunbathing in on our last day before we got picked up at 4pm, so I got chance to wear my only unworn bikini, £12 from Matalan. 

As you can see, I didn't really go very brown. I don't tan naturally at all so I kind of gave up after a couple of days and just read in the shade! Anyway it's good to be back, I've got a lot of catching up to do on everyone's blog, and I'll be posting my evening outfits tomorrow hopefully!



  1. That playsuit is so lovely - I wish I was tall enough to pull that off but H&M seem to make all their clothes for model heights!

    I don't tan either - I go straight from white to red haha. Hope you had a lovely time x

  2. Love your pyramid outfit and also very jealous that you got to see them! Looks like a fab holiday

  3. Looks like a lovely holiday!
    Thank you for linking me to Chelsea Doll, I'm officially in love with it all lol

  4. Love the New Look cover up dress, looks fab!! Got me craving a holiday now haha. I hate that feeling as you step off the plane back home and the cold hits you like a sack of shit :( I always get holiday blues x x