Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nail Varnish Collection...

This post has been really highly requested, so thought I'd take advantage of having a bit of time before dinner when I had a bit of natural light (yes I was in the garden, hence the fence and garden fence in the background) and took a lot of pictures:

I don't really seem to have many reds, I just think red's Models own in Rasberry is my fave at the moment!

This gold polish by H&M is amazing, I haven't found another bottle since so I don't ever want it to run out!

Glitter is my new most worn thing on my nails, this one by models own is so glittery!

I seem to have a lot of lilac and purples! This 17 lasting finish lilac wears so well, last for about five days which is good for me!

This is my second bottle of Candy Floss by Collection 2000, I wore it nearly constantly when I had my gel nails on!

So there's my collection, doesn't really seem that many when they're all lined up on my garden path!
Are there any colours I'm missing out on that I need in my life???



  1. Very impressive collection.. im loving all the blues and pinks. I got a really nice orange polish from George of all places and only a quid, went on like a dream and didnt chip as easy as models own!! Ya may wana give them a go x x

  2. Fab collection :).

    Sadie x

  3. honey where do you get the W7 polishes from/ I never know where to get them from! Loving your collection :) xxxx

  4. Wow, that is an awesome collection, gorgeous colours. :D xx

  5. Ooo thanks Lucy I'll definitely be giving that a go!
    Laura I get them from a little shop called Kerrie Annes not sure if they have them everywhere but I've seen them in New Look before!


  6. wow fab collection, the 2nd last one (models own) looks amazing!!!


  7. Fab collection, lovely colours x