Friday, 1 April 2011

The Spring Clean....

Mum scared me the other day and warned me that I’ll have countless spiders and months making a nice comfy home in my wardrobe if I don’t get it sorted. Now this was probably only a scare-mongering tactic for me so I’d get of my lazy bum and sort out the mess I call my wardrobe, but it worked and this weekend is being dedicated to my beautiful wardrobe and clothes/shoes/jewellery. I won’t be happy unless I throw out a MINIMUM of two bin bags full of stuff, most of which I’ll try and sell at a car-boot sale.

Although I will admit, I’m rubbish at this job. I get all indecisive and say ‘ooo well I might wear it one day’ and then 3 clearouts down the line it’s still there, hanging up, un-worn, looking very sorry for itself indeed. So this time, if I’ve not worn it in the past 12 months (see, that covers all seasons!) its out. If I pick it out of my wardrobe and go ‘hang on I forgot I’d had this’ then it clearly can’t be very special and it’s going to byebye! (There are of course exceptions to this and if it’s a treasure it stays).

As for everything else….if the shoes hurt, they’re not welcome anymore. If the rings are a bit too small and send my finger green, seeya. And if the earrings or headband have been seen on Becky McDonald or anyone else similar from Corrie, then into the unwanted pile they go. I’m holding no prisoners.

So anyway this is my challenge. All clothes, coats, shoes, accessories, beauty products and anything else in between will be sorted, cleaned, tried on, mended and put back into perfect order in my walk in wardrobe before The Only Way is Essex at 10pm on Sunday Night.

This is the state of it right now, I've only been doing it for an hour and I've made more mess than anything else....

I won’t be blogging much over the weekend as I’ve got a busy one planned as well as this spring clean challenge, so wish me luck and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.....!

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