Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunshine makes the world go round....

What a beautiful day!! I got out last years Primark sun dress and had LOADS of complements on it!

Hair in a topknot just because it was a lot easier, but thought it worked well with the dress.
Treated myself to some new wedges (the sun makes me want to buy wedges don't know why?!) and some feather earings, all in my new fave colour: coral! Can't get enough of it atm, might even go paint my nails coral tonight actually! 

Shoes and earings are both New Look, £20 for the wedges and £3 for the earings. Hope this sunshine stays out so I get a chance to wear them soon!

Also, song of the day is, without a shadow of a doubt, this:

 Mainly because it is JUST how I feel right now, it was the perfect soundtrack for driving home with my shades on with the window down. Boys are shit. Fact. 

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