Thursday, 21 April 2011

Get your glad rags on.....

I need this girls night out so badly….me and the three besties are off into Hinckley Town Centre (more commonly known as HTC) to drink a horrendous amount of rose and vodka, cause some mischief and dance the night away. I don’t know why I’m quite so excited about a night out in Hinckley (usually it ends in some sort of disaster or is just generally rubbish), but I do seem to have a positive track record of Easter Thursdays! Also, progress has been made from previous post, and I am REALLY hoping he’ll be out tonight. I need to prove he can trust me, and I also need to remind him how good it all used to be.

Anyway so now of course comes the fun part. Currently sitting downstairs are Kellie, Sarah and Steph, eating pizza and drinking their 3rd glass of God only knows what, outfits hanging up in my wardrobe ready to get glamorous later. We’ve got a mixture of cute summer dresses from Zara and classic navy one shouldered numbers from Forever 21. I’m not sure what I’m going for yet. I’m thinking a skirt (maybe the River Island flowery one from a while back that still hasn’t had a wear) or the new black Forever 21 skirt. Either way I’ll team it with my signature over the knee socks and huge curly hair, get my Eylure double thickness lashes glued on, and a squirt of Burberry perfume (I’m going to need some good luck tonight either way the night goes!)

Wish me luck, I’ll have pictures on asap I promise!

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