Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Top five highlighters....

I recently had a bit of a sort out of my makeup and discovered a LOT of products I didn't realise I had, and decided to sort out the good from the bad, so here comes a series of 'Top 5' products in my collection, this time it's going to be highlighters. 

(l -r  Sleek Contour Kit, Me Me Me Beat the Blues, Body Shop Baked Bronzer in light)

(l-r Famous by Sue Moxley in pale pink, Vivo highlighter)

I tend to swap and change between these five at the moment, my current favourite is the Famous by Sue Moxley one, I think this was originally supposed to be a blush but as you can see from the swatches underneath, it's far too light for that on my skin tone. 

The Sleek contour kit is quite a harsh highlight, but it's my favourite for a night out. 

Me Me Me Beat the Blues is an amazing dupe of Benefit High Beam and I love it under my brow bone to really highlight my eyes. 

Again, the Body Shop bronzer was initially supposed to be a bronzer but I bought the light version by accident and discovered it made a gorgeous highlight, although maybe more of a summery bronze highlight than one for the winter months. 

Finally, my latest discovery is the Vivo highlight, which for the price (I think it was around £6) and the size of the tube, is amazing value for money and such a gorgeous shimmery cream highlight with a subtle gold/pink shimmer.

(l -r Sleek Contour Kit, Me Me Me Beat the Blues, Body Shop Baked Bronzer in light)

(l r Famous by Sue Moxley in pale pink, Vivo highlighter)

What are your favourite highlighters?



  1. At the moment I'm using a Benefit Highbeam I got free with Glamour a while ago but need to find a new one I think, would prefer a powder one to a liquid one possibly! You've given me some ideas though thanks hun :)


  2. I always use benefit highbeam, but ive been wanting to try out the sleek contour kit, but maybe highbeam is more suitable for day time :) xo

  3. Oh gosh, I cannot explain to you how much I dislike the Vivo highlighter! I love Me Me Me in Sunbeam though, I use it every day! xx


  4. I sometimes use benefit moon beam and am quite partial to Mac Strobe cream...have had my tube for ages as you only need to use a little bit. I like the look of the Sue Moxley one :-) x

  5. I love these colors!! so pretty..

    found the route

  6. I LOVE HIGHLIGHTERS! My favourite at the moment is the YSL one I bought (on my blog if you wanna see) but I love high beam, Watts up, and MAC Cream Colour Base in pearl!! And I want the Laura mercier one big time, it looks stunning x