Monday, 22 July 2013

Leopard print and Docs OOTD....

So, like I said, it's winter over here! And boy is it chilly. Not a patch on English winter I'll grant you but still not as toasty as all you girls back in England are enjoying. So it's time to dig out the boots and cardigan for a nice wintery OOTD...

Cardigan - JayJays (Australia)
Jeans and black top - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Dr Marten shop

I had my first day at work today so it's time to me to relax with my feet up and my Kindle for the rest of the evening.



  1. I don't think our summery weather is going to last much longer, got storms coming :(
    Love your outfit, the leopard print looks fab xx

    1. I guess you can't expect too much from the English summer, a week is better than nothing! xxx

  2. Loving your blog :) your latest follower! X