Saturday, 27 July 2013

Careless Whispers...

New product excitement alert! As much as I love the look of a mat, bright lip, I always find myself reaching for something with more moisture on a day to day basis (enter products like the Revlon Lip Butters and the new Chubby Stick dupes from Bourjois). So when I spotted that my local discount pharmacy here in Australia had the 'new' Maybelline Colour Whispers in, there was no way I was passing up giving them a go and seeing if they matched up to my beloved Lip Butters. 

Pro - the colour range is nice
Con - the colour range is NO WHERE near as good as the lip butters or the similar L'Oreal offering 

Pro - really comfortable to wear on the lips, the  colour stays long after the feeling of a heavy lip product disappears
Con - although the colour wears well, the glossiness doesn't stick around for as long as some of it's competitors

Pro - great packaging, a slimmed down version of the Maybelline colour sensational lipsticks. Don't stain my lips, don't transfer onto my teeth, and feel moisturising on the lips for a substantial amount of time
Con - unlike similar products on the market, the colour is sheer without being build-able; I couldn't seem to deepend the colour with more applications however I only have one colour so can't speak for the entire range. 

I picked up the shade Oh La Lilac, a cute pinky lilac colour that complements fair skin and looks great with a subtle smokey eye. 

Anyone else given these a go and loved them?



  1. I've been loving the maybelline intense ones, so this if definitely next on my list! Thanks for the review. xx

    1. They're definitely lighter but so pretty!