Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Legs 11....

Who doesn't love a freebie? I've wanted to check out some Nip + Fab products for a while but they never seemed to make it into my basket on my regular pilgrimages to Boots so when Cosmo were offering one of three products with their magazine last month I was straight in there....

I hunted high and low for this as all I could seem to find was the 360 tanner which doesn't really appeal to me. Anyway. At the airport I found this one, threw it in my hand luggage and thought nothing more on it. Turns out the first week I was in Australia my legs were so dry and sore and nothing would fix them- which was when I remembered I had this little beauty stashed away somewhere. 

The good news? It works!! I got about a weeks worth of applications from this little bottle; pretty good considering I was very generous with my application. I'm not 100% sure on the smell but that's just going to be personal preference, but as soon as I'd applied it the soreness of my poor legs disappeared and they instantly (as the product suggests) felt smoother and less dry and itchy. 

So yes, a winner! My legs have, thankfully, returned to normal so I wouldn't use this on a regular basis but I think I will definitely be re-purchasing a full size bottle of this for post-shaving moisturisation. A must for all shaving rash-bound girls everywhere!

Anyone else love their Nip + Fab freebie from Cosmo?



  1. Ah I got this free with Cosmo yesterday unwillingly - truth be told I didn't even look at the freebie I just picked up the magazine..but OMG. This cream is amazing for post-shaving or in my case tan peeling areas of dry skin. And doesn't it smell soo good! Ahhh just wish Nip + Fab suited my student budget so I could have smooth legs forevermore.. xx

    1. I know, if I bought a tube of this it would be a 'special occasion' product for definite!