Sunday, 7 July 2013

Top five black eye pencils...

One of my go-to looks is a black eyeliner in the waterline, and my collection is now never ending. 

Top to bottom:

Rimmel Scandel Eyes waterproof kohl liner 001 black: lasts quite well, waterproof to the fact that it takes a fair amount of makeup remover to budge it.
Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl super noir: quite a wet consistency but is quite hard to keep in one place and tends to spread around my face a bit too easily.
Maybelline Master Drama kohl liner ultra black: probably the blackest of the lot, again smudges when you don't want it too but worth it for the ultra blackness of it.
Mac eye kohl in smoulder: One of my all time, most repeat purchased of the lot I think this is my fifth one of these. The driest and most easy to control of the bunch, smudges easily but stays put when you're ready for it to.
Avon SuperShock gel eyeliner in black: wow wow wow my newest purchase and by far the thickest, blackest and most waterproof of the lot. But immediately if you don't already own this!

What are your favourite eyeliners at the moment?

P.S. I'm off again! I'm leaving lovely sunny england (yes, it's actually sunny right now!) and heading back to Australia for another year (ish) but this time my laptop and all my blogging stuff is coming with me so (hopefully, depending on internet connection) I'll be regularly keeping in touch this year! Lots of love!



  1. I haven't used a pencil eyeliner for a little while now, but i did want the Rimmel Scandel Eyes in nude, heard a lot about them.
    I'm currently using a liquid liner pen from Primark! It's really good and fine and lasts pretty much the whole day.
    Great post Sweetness!


  2. P.S, have so much fun in Australia, what a great experience! Wouldn't mind going there for a year myself! Will look forward to seeing what beauty finds you pick up whilst your there.


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