Monday, 2 April 2012

March monthly empties....

Another good month for empties!

Products I re-purchased: I had a back up of the Botanics eye make-up remover, I'm a big big fan of this stuff. I also had a back up of my deodorant and Vitamin E moisturiser like every month. I re-purchased my Rimmel tan too - this is just a night out staple to give my legs a bit of colour! I actually finished a foundation this month which I was thrilled with! And even though I've got quite a stash of foundations sitting in a draw, I went back to Bourjois and re-purchased healthy mix which is quite something considering I hated it when I first bought it!

Products I've changed: You might be able to see the tiny stub of a Mac Kohl eyeliner pencil in Smoulder on the right hand side of the pic...this is my fourth re-purchase of this and sadly my last. I've got a spare sat in my draw and I will use it up when the occasion suits but it's definitely no longer my favourite kohl pencil, it's been blown out of the water by the Soap and Glory pencil which I did a review on here. Also, as much as I loved the Witch primer, I've recently purchased the new Revlon photo ready primer which I'll be doing a review on soon and so far I'm loving. 

Finally the last thing of note is the Str-Vectin eye cream. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I got it in a GlossyBox ages ago and literally can't praise it highly enough, apart from the hefty £45 price tag so unfortunatly have had to settle for a cheaper alternative. One day though, I'll definitely be re-buying this! 

Anyone else had a successful empties month?



  1. I use some of the same products. I agree with the Sti-vectim eye cream, i loved it. Hate when the products are so out of my budget when i love them so much :(
    Check out asda's reduced aisle often is you love that rimmel tan, Ive got it a few times down to 25p :) bargain!!

    1. Yea I know what you mean, they get you hooked then whack a small fortune on the price tag! Good idea, I've had some bargains down that aisle before!! xxx