Wednesday, 12 October 2011

My current obsessions....

A bit different to my monthly favourites, this has a bit of everything in it! The first one is my new coat from River Island. I wanted one of these last year but never got around to buying one. This year I wasn’t missing out. £50 from River Island.

Mememe lipstick in Pashmina Pink. I hate that it melts, but I love the smell, consistency, glossy finish, colour, staying power and packaging. Wearing this makes me feel 10x better.

Little Miracles: Perfect hangover cure, and great to keep me awake during the first couple of hours at work, which is always a struggle!!

Wearing two pairs of tights at once. OK this isn’t actually a new obsession as I’ve been doing it for years but now the weathers turning Baltic, I can’t get enough of how cosy my legs have been.

Office Mudslingers. No this isn’t my odd nickname for them, that’s their name. I bought these a couple of weeks before I left Office and I can honestly say they are the comfiest heels I’ve ever bought and non of my other going out shoes have had a look in. I’ve never once fallen over in them (which is a huge bonus as I tend to do this when I’ve had a wine or 5) and they’ve never ever rubbed or made my feet sore. I can walk all the way home in them after spending hours on the dancefloor. They are actually more comfortable than a lot of my flat every day shoes. And they look beautiful which is an added bonus.

Blanx toothpaste. Again not a new find, I’ve used this for AGES but I did kind of stop for a while (don’t know why) and noticed my teeth weren’t as pearly white anymore. So I’m re-acquainted with my old friend and can’t wait to be able to blind people with my smile. If you’ve never tried this, DO IT!

Ed Sheeran. No explanation needed. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, listen to this….

TV. Apart from getting hooked on the odd reality show, I’ve never been big into TV. But now, X Factor (I LOVE MARCUS, MISCHA, THE RISK AND CRAIG!!), TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Educating Essex, Celebrity Juice, Goks Fashion Roadshow, Young Soldiers, Sandhurst, Strictly Come Dancing, 71 degrees North, the Bachelor, and the bloody rugby (love rugby, hate the early morning starts on a weekend!!) are taking over my life. Good job it’s winter and I’m man-less, gives me a good excuse to hibernate under my duvet on the sofa!!

What’s everyone else obsessed with right now?
And if it’s X Factor like me, who’s going to win?!?



  1. cool post i love the coat its so cute xx

    my blog :


  2. Love the jacket <3.

    Sadie x

  3. Love the coat, money well spent : )
    oh god i feel embarrassed to admit that 11 years on and I'm STILL obsessed with big brother


  4. Love this esp the Office shoes ! , theres a little blog award for you over on my page if ur interested :) xx

  5. Your blog is always so much fun :)
    I love it ♥

    I would have to say out of all the items you have listed, my favs. are tied between the lipstick/shoes..

    - Jx.

  6. those office shoes are lusssh! :)
    i noticed on your description it says you work for an advertising agency, i'm gonna be doing advertising next year at uni, just wondering if you have any general advice or anything? :) xo

  7. The jacket is lovely!
    and the shoes, oh shoes i love shoes! haha :)

    Laura xo

  8. Those Little Miracles sound fantastic, and the packaging is so pretty! I'm in love with Ed Sheeran right now, too. His album is seriously amazing <3 xx

  9. LOVE all of this!! so going to get the toothpaste now you have said, been thinking of getting this for a while!! xxxx

  10. Thanks girls :D
    Eloise I've never really watched Big Brother it's the one thing I've managed to escape getting hooked on!
    Leanne how amazing is it! I've just had it on constantly!
    Laura it's amazing you have to try it!! I couldn't believe how well it works!