Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My shoe collection...

I posted a while ago that I might do a shoe collection and it got a great response so I spent a whole morning photographing my shoes...what a task that was!!

Sandals - I rarely wear these even in the hot weather, I'm more of a pumps girl, but I do like both my studded Primark pairs...
Back l-r: New Look, Primark, Primark, Primark
Front l-r: Primark, Primark, Primark, Office

Next is trainers, I was actually really surprised at how few I'd got when I laid them out as this is what I wear most out of work...maybe means I need more?! My Nike vintage blazers are my favourite, if I could afford these in every colour I'd buy them!!
Back l-r: Nike at Office, Nike from America, Nike from America, Vans from Office
Pink Nikes: America
Front l-r: Converse from Office, Converse from Office, Converse from Schuh, Nike gym trainers

I class these as pumps, and they're probably my second most worn shoe after my trainers. My favourite are probably my pink Flossy's and my boat shoes, even though I'm not sure they're pumps but I didn't know what else to put them with!
Boat shoes: Office
Back l-r: Primark, Primark, Primark, Step in Style
Front l-r: Primark, Flossy at Office, Office, Toms at Office

I'm going to quickly skim over the next lot because I really don't like them, I only buy them because they're decent for work and look OK with tights and a dress of whatever. No enthusiasm at all I'm afraid for these!
(I've also got coral Office brogues that Pixie Lott has but I left these at work!!)
Back l-r: Office, New Look, Primark, River Island
Front l-r: Primark, Primark, Primark, Primark

On to boots now, as you can see I love a black ankle boot!!
Back l-r: Office, Office, Step in Style, Step in Style, Ugg
Front l-r: River Island, no idea these were just a random shop in Birmingham, New Look (please don't ask why I own cowboy boots!), New Look
Back l-r: Office, Topshop, Office
Front l-r: Office, Topshop

I don't really have many wedges, but I guess the ones I do have I wear quite a lot...
 l-r: New Look, Office, Forever21, River Island

Keeping on the heel theme, these are the heels I don't really wear very often, some of them are a bit lower and I wear these to work if I need to be a bit smarter, and the rest are just a bit old and I'm considering getting rid of them...
back l-r: Step in Style, New Look, Step in Style
Front l-r: New Look, New Look

Now comes the FIT section, my best heels that are all from Office except one!
 back l-r: Office, River Island
front l-r: Office, Office

Lastly is my black shoe boots, and I never realised quite how many pairs I had. Yes, they really do need to have their own section!
 back l-r: Marks & Spencers (yes, really!) Dorothy Perkins, New Look
front l-r: Office, New Look, Step in Style

So there we go, I've got over 70 pairs in total, that's so bad!! Maybe stay away from shoes for a while!



  1. Impressive collection there. Love the pink patent heels

  2. That's quite a collection! I'm shocked that those shoe boots are from Marks and Spencers, their gorgeous xo

  3. Love the way you layed them out, love all your black shoe boots :) xx

  4. That is a seriously impressive shoe collection!! x

  5. I love a good shoe post, and this is one of the best collection of shoes I have ever seen! xxx

  6. Love the office deck shoes, love a good shoe collection x x

  7. You have some really great shoes in there! :)

  8. amazing! I used to have so many, but from being away for 4 years I kinda just binned regretting it!
    I spy some gorgeous nike trainers! AND love your boot collections x

  9. I think I need to stop buying shoes lol thanks girls :)


  10. Love all the shoe boots! Shoes are my guilty pleasure also I literally have so many pairs it's stupid! X

  11. That is a whole lot of gorgeous shoes!


  12. woah, you have tons of shoes!
    i am in love with pretty much every pair of those shoe boots, gorgeous :) xo