Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Outfit of the day...rust skirt....

So today, not only did I wear a rust coloured knee length skirt, I also read The Times. OK OK so I wore the skirt with wedges and a skull and cross bone scarf, and I only got The Times free with the hair magazines I bought and I only read the back page about the rugby.

Sorry the pictures are a bit crap, my photographer (Dad) had to go into work today so was gone before I woke up so needed to improvise!

Vest and tights: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Scarf: No idea, can't remember sorry!!
Rings: H&M
Bracelet: Zara
Watch: Asos
Nails: multi coloured (I got really bored last night!)

I used the big tan bag you can see on my bed in the background of the last pic, and some low black lace-up wedges from River Island. Not sure I can carry off a mid length skirt, I still feel a bit like a granny, but I guess it's OK for work!

Hope you're all OK lovelies!



  1. Ive been umming and ahhing over buying a midi skirt, I love the idea but not sure I could pull one off. I love yours tho and you keep the look young with the scarf and accessories . x x

  2. I'm still not sure about mine to be honest!