Thursday, 6 October 2011

Weekly review....HD Brow kit ....

I don’t quite know how to put my excitement into words…sad but true. I recently, like a lot of you out there, received the September GlossyBox which came to face some fairly mixed reviews. I myself wasn’t too sure when I opened it as only the HD brows stood out as being a ‘wow’ product.

My eyebrows are a ‘must do’ element of my face every morning. In fact they are a bit of a laughing point among my friends who enjoy hearing my tales of waking up next to boyfriends in the early stages of relationships and having the instant panic of ‘shit my eyebrows’ then having to carefully reach over to my bag to grab my eyebrow pencil for some DIY brow maintenance before they wake up (note: this was a while ago, I'm not as bad anymore!)

Considering I have such dark hair, my eyebrows are pale and half the length of most (normal) peoples so I definitely need to pay them a lot of care and attention and I’ve purchased many different products to help with this in the past. I recently had my brows waxed and tinted to try and define them a bit more and you can read all about that here. I always have swear by the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in either 001 Dark Brown or 002 Hazel depending on my makeup look, and swap between my Gosh eyebrow kit and Elf eyebrow powder and wax. All of this gets finished off with a sweep of the Gosh eyebrow gel and I’m (finally) good to go.

What I don’t enjoy is, after spending this much time on them of a morning, finding that they’ve smudged, disappeared, gone wonky during the day or, even worse, night out! So when I heard that the HD palette would last for 24 hours on my brows, and only come off when I wanted it to, I was more than a little bit excited. I wasn’t sure on the colours at first and immediately went for the darkest shade, carbon. This was probably a bit too dark but as it was a night out I got away with it. I danced, I sweated, I laughed till I cried. I even stayed up until 5am with mates, then was awake at 9am to watch the rugby. On waking up (next to a hot guy but I won’t go into the details of that….cheeky!) I thought ‘SHIT, EYEBROWS’. Peering into the blackened screen of my blackberry as some sort of mirror, I noticed that, shock horror and absolute joy! THEY WERE STILL ON MY FACE!

Anyway to cut the above (very long) story short, HD Brows do what they say on the tin. I used the palette again today in the lighter shade and it matched me perfectly so there really is a shade for everyone. They are seriously pigmented so maybe need a light hand and a bit of practice if you’re not used to doing your brows like this, and can also be used as eyeshadows or eyeliner. Bonus! I can’t rave about this product enough and I would like to thank GlossyBox for introducing me to a product I would probably never have tried otherwise!

Did anyone else love their HD Brow kit from GlossyBox?


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