Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Holy Grail Skincare picks...

I don't tend to talk about skincare on here much, mainly because I'm really a budget skincare kind of gal, and I feel like a bad blogger not loving brands like Oskia, Kiehl's and Eve Lom. But realistically my view is that, if something works, why change it? So here's just a quick sneak peak into some of my holy grail skin care items, that I've been repurchasing since the dawn of time in some cases….

Bioderma. Not much needs to be said about this really let's face it; it's a cult favourite for a reason. I do quite like the Garnier offering and when I finish this (which won't be any time soon) I may pick that up again but really, my heart lies with Bioderma. 

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask. Any mask that warms up on contact with the skin has a place in my heart, and on my bathroom shelf. Clay masks are a firm favourite with me and my oily skin, and this one really draws all the impurities out and makes my skin feel tingly clean. 

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash. Speaking of tingly clean, this is one of those products that you KNOW has worked because you're face tingles and feels cold. I never feel like this is actually doing anything, until I stop using it. And then all facial hell breaks loose. So I've learnt to just keep this in my everyday routine, which is where it's been for about 8 years. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream. Nothing crazily special but this is light enough to apply makeup on top of, unscented and there fore my eyes don't swell up at the sight of it (which is what usually happens between me and eye creams). 

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream. It's thick, it's moisturising, it feels like it's doing something. It doesn't smell offensive, it sinks in nicely, and it doesn't break me out. Add to that the fact that it's less than £5 and really….why would I spend upwards of £30 on a night cream that isn't guaranteed to work like this one??

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +. This is another one of those that doesn't seem to do anything magical when I use it, but when I stop is when I see the true extent to it's fabulousness. This is my third tube of this and it's my absolute dream skincare product. On a side note….I can't see a difference between the original and the + formula. 

What are everyone else's skincare holy grail products?



  1. I really love this cleansing oil from the Superfacialist range, couldn't live without it! The Body Shop mask sounds lovely x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. La Roche posay is my saviour! I need to try binder a thoughxx