Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jumping on the Nars Sheer Glow bandwagon...

I'm embarrassingly late on the bandwagon with this one but I finally picked up Nars Sheer Glow last week, and I found myself asking WHY did it it take me so long?? Non of my high street foundations were quite cutting it for me anymore, and I was getting fairly 'over' watching peoples top 2013 product countdowns and seeing Sheer Glow pop up over and over again and be completely clueless to it's amazingness. 

I was colour matched to Fiji which is a perfect match to my skin (although when I loose my tan I guarantee I'll be dropping a shade or two!) and blends seamlessly. Now, being an oily skinned, full coverage foundation kinda girl, the words 'sheer' and 'glow' struck dread into my very sole. After plenty of research it turns out Sheer Glow tends to be a medium coverage which I'm actually preferring, but can easily be built in layers if the need strikes me. 

As for the 'glow' aspect, it's not as glittery as Revlon Photo Ready or Rimmel Wake Me Up which was a good start. I found that buffing Sheer Glow into the skin then swiping a bit of Mac MSF Natural over my t-zone was the perfect coverage and gave the most beautiful 'my skin but better' finish to my face that just got better as the day wore on. 

This has won a firm place in my heart early on and I'm sure this isn't the last you'll hear from me about this foundation!



  1. oh! I've heard so much about this and also have yet to try it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love this stuff, can never understand why they called it that!


    1. I know, the name put me off for so long!