Saturday, 25 January 2014

Jam. For your lips....

Cute packaging? Check!
Smells like candy floss? Check!
A bargain? Check!
Gives lips a sheer pink tint while keeping them moisturise? Check!

What's not to love about these cute Lip Jams from Sportsgirl? I picked one up for under $5 last week and have since been back for a different shade (a peachy orange). They're a bit heavy for the handbag as the jar is made of glass, but it's perfect to pop on the lips in a morning when I feel like lipstick would be overdoing it!

Has anyone else smelt how amazing these are?



  1. Sounds great, I love the packaging! xx

  2. I love the sound of a lip jam! This is such a cute product! x

  3. This is so cute, Love the packaging aswell as the fact it smells of candyfloss! Do they all smell the same or is each colour a different smell ? xxxx
    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout