Sunday, 27 October 2013

Review....The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask...

I'm not sure if it's the odd changes in the weather over in Australia right now, but my skin is playing some horrible games with me. Not one to suffer with spots throughout my life, I've had some horrible sore red spots around my mouth and across my chin, and it's been really sensitive to most skincare that I've been using. I went into The Body Shop with the intention of getting the Vitamin E mask (something for sensitive skin) but was dubiously talked into trying this one out...

It does't dry to a hard, crispy finish like most clay masks, which means it doesn't strip the moisture out of my skin, and after one application (I use this twice a week) my skin feels fresher, clearer and my breakouts have considerably gone down! The best thing about this mask is, unlike most masks which cause you to break out shortly after using while it draws out the impurities, I didn't get any new breakouts after using it. 

If you like the deep cleaning feeling of a clay mask without that crispy dryness you get after the 15 minutes are up, I'd highly recommend this. 

What other face masks should I try?


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