Saturday, 12 October 2013

Disappointing Products #1...

Quite a small selection of products for my first ever disappointing products post, but considering how much time I spend on YouTube, reading blogs etc I like to think I do my research before going out and spending any money on cosmetics these days. I'd rather be sure that I'm buying something worthwhile than just wasting money on crap.

I bought Maybelline The Falsies mascara because, I'll be honest, Tanya Burr loves it. That's usually a good enough reason for me to go out and buy something. The first thing that should have rang alarm bells for me was the wand; I usually like skinny plastic wands with spiky combs much like They're Real from Benefit. I didn't find this volumising at all, it gave nice definition to my eyes but I like really thick, exaggerated lashes and I don't think this delivered. 

The second disappointment was the Bliss Fabulips exfoliating lip scrub. Not living near a Lush, I was missing the benefits that their lip scrub has always offered me and felt the need to have one back in my life. I picked this up from the Feel Unique sale a few weeks ago and can honestly say, bring back my Lush scrub! It's a really oily, thin balm that sits on my lips and doesn't sink in, and the exfoliating particles are so sparse that I need to dig out loads each time I use this. 

What's everyone else's disappointing products at the moment?



  1. Hmm with that falsies one I found you had to do about three coats and it did the trick, but you're right not great thickness xx

  2. Agree about the mascara. Always stick with my They're Reals!x