Sunday, 1 September 2013

Horrible hair days....

Australia doesn't love my hair. Seriously. It's gone from being relatively healthy, if a little dry on the ends (nothing a good deep moisturising mask and a hair oil or two can't sort out) to greasy as it gets. Before I could get away with two-three washes a week with a shed load of dry shampoo in between as and when it needed it. 

Since coming back to Australia I'll be lucky to get an every-other-day wash out of it, it's turned to greasy and limp yet super frizzy on the ends. Don't ask me what happened because if I knew, I'd be able to solve it and I wouldn't be sat here typing this up. 

So in my distress I popped to Hairhouse Warehouse (yes it's as cool as it sounds) and asked their advice. 

I've dabbled in the KMS California brand here and there over the years but it's always been a bit high end for me when it comes to hair care. I thought if it works then it's worth the hefty AU$22.50 price tag so I went home, shampooed, and waited....

This stuff is serious business. My hair's a bit delicate to use the clarifying shampoo more than once a week at the absolute most, but it does what it says on the tin (bottle). It completely stripped my hair of product build up as well as a little of its natural oils. No bother, as I just use it along side a moisturising conditioner on the ends of my hair. If you're struggling with your hair like I was, I recommend this beauty to the moon and back. 

I won't say I'll be repurchasing because this will probably last me forever, but this one is a winner.

Can anyone else recommend any other good clarifying shampoos?


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