Saturday, 16 March 2013

OOTD ft. the most beautiful ankle boots you ever will see....

It's a rare occasion when you can dress up in my little town of Rainbow Beach, so when the girls suggested a few drinks in our local bar listening to our favorite Irish band (happy St Patrick's day by the way everyone!) I was in! Unfortunately, this is about as dressed up as it gets around here (oh how I long for my heels back some days).

Shirt: Forever 21
Top: Valley Girl (Australia)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: BooHoo
Boots: ASOS
Bracelets: Diva, and a mixture of collections up and down the East Coast of Australia
Necklace: Primark
Handbag: Market in Perth, Australia 

After my black Dr Martens got sent home to the UK instead of here to Australia (sob) I was desperately in need of some footwear, seeing as I'd managed to ruin everything bar a pair of black flip flops. My previous shoe collection would be so ashamed. I picked these beauties up from ASOS for around 50 pounds and they are so heavy duty and chunky looking, my favorite with tights and lacy dresses when it finally cools down over here. A new found love for my wardrobe.



  1. I love your boohoo skirt. Silly question but whats the quality of it like. I always find boohoo hit and miss xx

    1. Thanks hun, I'll be honest it's not the greatest quality, it's a bit thin but when it's on it does hang quite nicely. I know what you mean, I often find their knit wear a bit poorly made but I've also had some great things from there before so it's a bit of a lucky dip!


  2. Ahhh those boots are gorge, very you xx

  3. Gurrrlll they are the most beaut boots I've seen in a long time! No wonder you snatched them up haha xx

    Made In A Cup