Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Review - Revlon Colour Stay Ultimate Suede lip colours....

Finally, something we have in Australia before the English (I think)!! There's been some real hype around these new products from Revlon and, as I'm not only a lipstick addict but also one of Revlons biggest fan's, I picked one up to see what they were all about. Revlon describes them as

'a soft formula with moisturizing shea butter and aloe is food proof and doesn’t quit'

I bought the colour Finale, a bright pinky red shade; with names like Private Viewing, It Girl and High Heels, it was hard to choose!

Anyone who thinks these will be like the lip butters will be disappointed, as there's absolutely no moisturisation in these at all (in my opinion). When first applied, they glide on smoothly, don't slip and slide on the lips, and give a nice and even, strong colour pay off. After a few minutes, as I've read in most reviews, this sheen dries and the colour becomes mat with a strange sticky feeling but I've managed to get past that. The colour has some serious staying power. While I've been writing this I've worked my way through a cup of tea and, whilst there is some evidence of the product on the mug, it hasn't seemed to budge from my lips. This probably needs a longer trial than one brew to see the real results but, overall, I'm a fan. Colour, durability, packaging, colour range, and ease of applying this product all get a nice big thumbs up from me. 

Anyone else tried these lip products from Revlon yet? Maybe some colours seem to be better than others but I only really seem to find bad reviews!!



  1. Looks great, what a shame they haven't hit England yet! I hope you are enjoying your Australian travels though, I am very jealous as I sit here in rainy/foggy London xx


    1. I think you guys will get them this month, it's a nice change for us to get them before you over in the UK!


  2. The colour of this looks absolute stunning, I like lipsticks with staying power xx