Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Perfume Collection...

OK so that title is a little lie. Half of my perfumes are, of course, back home in the UK, so this is just the few perfumes I've collected while I've been over in Australia. Now it's not a huge great big fancy collection, but I'm excited to show it off because I LOVE every single one of them. Oh and if you're expecting a fancy review of the 'notes' then you'll be severely disappointing. I know nothing about foundations further than 'Ooooo that smells nice'.

(left to right) Vera Wang Rock Princess, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Givenchy Play, Vera Wang Princess, Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

Vera Wang Rock Princess: probably my least favorite of my collection - not to say I don't like it but the smell doesn't really stick around too long, and it's not really one of those 'distinctive' scents that someone walking past would recognize, but it is a very nice day to day perfume.

Vera Wang Lovestruck: Well first of all, hello pretty, gorgeous, amazingly impractical bottle. OK so I know it's not really a throw in your handbag sort of perfume bottle but luckily the scent sticks around for a while, only a few sprays and you're set for the day. It's a grown up floral smell without being too girly, and I'd say there will be a repeat purchase as soon as this bottle is finished. 

Givenchy Play: now I never actually chose this one myself, it was a present from my boyfriend when he came back from overseas. It is STRONG, in a good way, but you really only need two sprays to last you the entire day. It's got a bit of a musky scent but still stays on the side of the summer perfume fence. Unfortunately this is rapidly running out but it has lasted a good while.

Vera Wang Princess: yes you can see a theme appearing here, I am a bit in love with Vera Wang perfumes. This one is, for want of a better phrase, possible a 'signature scent' of mine. I used to wear it back in the UK and just had to re-purchase it over here, for no other reason than I love it and it reminds me from home. Sentimental yes, worth the fairly hefty price tag? Also yes. 

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: This one is the latest in the collection, again a gift from the boyfriend, and there's pretty much only two things I need to mention here. Number one is the awesomely incredible bottle, the second is that it smells EXACTLY like Viva La Juicy. As I said I'm no perfume expert but jeez I feel like she's just emptied a bottle of the Juicy Couture perfume into her own, fancier bottle. This isn't a complaint; Viva La Juicy is one of my all time favorite perfumes and is quite hard to get hold of over here, but yeah....crazy dupe alert!


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  1. I LOVE the Nicki Minaj bottle, ive never even seen that perfume before but im going to hunt it down now. I had the Vera Wang Princess too and it is gorgeous. My new fav perfume of recent is Ghost midnight, I just cant get enough of it xx