Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mac Haul….

Well this is the first haul we've seen around these parts for a while! I did a little online order last week (now we're finally able to use Pro discount online…hurrah!) and picked up some beauties…

First I picked up a Mac palette and 24 pan insert so I can finally de-pot some lipsticks for my professional makeup kit. Lugging a heap of lipstick tubes around every time is driving me ever so slightly insane so hopefully this should make life a little easier…

How have I only just come to own this?? Spice lipliner is such a cult products and I was really lacking a brown toned nude in my kit so this is surely going to be a very welcome addition and just from swatching it I can tell I love it already.

Another Mac product I knew I needed but it's taken so long to get around to actually purchasing. Lady Danger is such a gorgeous orange toned red (my personal favourite) and again something that was lacking from my professional kit. Although I won't promise that this won't be on my lips every now and again too!

Again, I was lacking a dark purple in my kit and was originally going to pick up Heroine but decided I'd see what Pure Heroine was like (this is the Lorde edition of the original Heroine for those who don't know). I actually really like this and is going to look beautiful on dark skin tones when we get into Autumn.

So I've saved the best for last. I literally hunted across London for this bad boy, and had given up all hope of ever having it in my makeup collection until I randomly saw it pop back up on the website. I've never been one to go wild for Mac collections but I think I could have happily owned everything from the Kelly Osbourne line (if money would allow). I've been looking for a lilac lipstick for the longest time and I think this one is pretty much perfection. 



  1. Love all of those lip colours! I'm so gutted I only noticed the Obsourne collections after everything was sold out :'(

    Sam xo

    1. I wanted to get so many more of them, the whole collection was beautiful