Sunday, 29 June 2014

Models Own lipsticks…a hidden gem of the makeup world...

If I said to you 'Models Own', then chances are you'd come straight back at me with the response 'Nail Polish', right? Same here - Purple Grey is one of my holy grail, all time favourite nail varnishes which I'll forever re-purchase. However when I was looking for some new products to test out in my pro makeup kit, I decided to delve into the world of Models Own makeup and see what they have to offer. To cut a long story short, I love these. I picked up 10, in a range of shades, and although a couple are a little more sheer than others, I absolutely love all the ones I picked up. They all have a glossy finish, there are no matte shades in the range which is fine for what I wanted. 

(left - right) Plum, Red Wine, Pinky Red, Scarlet, Coral, Hot Pink, Nude, Baby Pink, Deep Fuchsia, Coral Pink.

Stand out shades are Coral Pink (a slightly more pink, glossy version of Mac Lady Danger), Nude (one of those perfect brown toned nude) and Coral (which I'll admit is going straight into my personal stash, it's PERFECT for summer!). 

Anyone else tried these? Are there any other Models Own unsung hero's I should try?



  1. these shades all look awesome against your skintone!
    lexi @

    1. they're such lovely lipsticks!