Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mini Market Haul...

And by mini I mean the haul, NOT the market. I went to Eumundi markets on the East Coast of Australia last week (one of my favourite places ever) and picked up a few bits....of course. The one thing I always stock up on from the market is oil burner melts and candles. 

My scents of choice were Creme Brûlée, watermelon, and passionfruit and papaya. Lush. I also love good old fashioned vanilla, so picked up some more melts for my burner. 

I went with the intention of picking up some silver much as I love cheap fashion silver jewellery from Primark and the like, I don't enjoy the green ring I get on my finger when I de-jewel at the end of the day. It's time to progress to sterling silver so I wanted to see if they had any unusual or cool designs. I just picked up the one, for AU$20.

The one thing I absolutely did not intend buying was clothes (as if I need anymore?!) but it was hard to pass by Gerrard King and his stall of incredible artwork. Seriously, check his website out. I find it hard to walk past skull t-shirts at the best of times but this one was so unusual and unlike anything I've ever seen in a highstreet store. 

That's the last shopping I'll be doing for a while...I've got a Mac palette to save for!


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