Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bargain lip liners alert...

I've got a fairly decent sized makeup collection (there's a lot more room to grow but I'm getting there) but the one area that was lacking was lip liners. To be honest I wasn't sure my makeup routine even needed them but I thought I'd pick a few up and experiment with different looks. Obviously I didn't want to go crazy and spend a fortune so when I stumbled across these from Essence for AU$1.75 (around about £1!) I thought I'd pick a few up and give them a go...

(top to bottom: 11 in the nude, 06 satin mauve, 10 femme fatale, 07 cute pink)

They're surprisingly creamy for the price, and come in a decent range of shades. I picked up a range of four shades to cover all/most bases and so far so good. They aren't crazily long lasting compared to similar offerings from Mac or Illamasqua but for that price, I wasn't expecting miracles. They do, however, feel moisturising for a lip liner and don't dry my lips out or crease. Winner! I think I'll pick up the rest of the shades to complete the set and work with them to create some different looks, and maybe one day I'll progress onto my lusted after Mac Cherry!


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