Wednesday, 28 March 2012

No shopping shopping trip....

Shopping has gone from being my number one hobby to absolute torture for me because of saving for Oz. I popped into Leicester with Mum today and managed to behave particularly well. I just picked up one or two things in Primark for my trip (vests, leggings etc) and then treated myself in Zara. Everyone's been raving about Zara recently and I can SO see why, there's some right gems in there! I got this top for £15.99 mainly because it's FIT! 

I'll probably wear it with my studded denim shorts, ripped tights, leather jacket and my beloved Office boots. Just need an occasion to wear it now!



  1. it's so nice, I don't even think I've ever been to Zara! x

  2. I don't own anything from Zara, think I'll have to have a look in there when I'm feeling not so poor :p xx

  3. I havnt been in Zara for the longest time, think I need to get my ass dwn there, can so see you in this top x x

  4. Such a cool top!! I never look in Zara, only own 1 top from there but clearly I need to start visiting!