Thursday, 12 January 2012

Top five blushers....

I have TOO much love for blush! 

Top l-r: Mac Fleur Power, Vivo (colour's rubbed off I don't know the shade!)
Bottom l-r: The BodyShop Petal, MeMeMe Coral, Topshop Head Over Heels

Mac Fleur Power was my first ever Mac blusher and the only one I've hit pan on and had to re-purchase. EVER! MeMeMe in coral is a really summer shade and I only really wear that with a tan but as soon as 'summer' hits us again this will be back in my everyday makeup bag. Everyone knows how amazing Topshop blushers are, no need for me to go into that! If you haven't tried a Vivo baked blush I suggest you do so NOW, one of my best finds of 2011. And The Body Shop blush has a highlighter built in it so need I say more?!?!

Would any of these make it into your top 5? If not, what would??



  1. Really want to try the vivo blush out! Looks so pretty.
    Great choice:)

  2. Oh how i envy those who can oull off blush - they all look so pretty! I do have benefit's Sugarbomb which i adore but i only wear it when i'm ill haha xoxo

  3. thats the same colours i wear on a day to day basis xx

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  4. Ms. Emma

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog.. every time I log on, I look forward to your posts!

    Keep up the good work!


  5. We have very similar taste in blush, ha! I ADORE that Body Shop one, I've got it myself and I think, (I think!) it's my favourite, such an intense pink! Hadn't even considered trying Vivo blush, but I will now! XxX