Friday, 21 February 2014

Lip this....

Lashes, lips, and brows is my go-to makeup look, and I think I probably have enough lip products to rival my local Boots. Oh the perils of being a beauty blogger....

So when on holiday recently and I saw a load of Sephora products in a shop (the owner was American and imported Buxom, Tarte, Sephora!) I was instantly drawn to this lip set...

Yes you're right I DON'T need any more lip products but with the likes of Bite, Tarte, Kat Von D and Buxom in here that aren't readily available in the UK, I was carrying this out of the shop looking like the cat that got the cream. 

First are the nudes...

Swatches l-r: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Dolce, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Nylon Nude, Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bare Naked, Buxom Full On Lip Cream in White Russian.

I love the consistency of the Stila liquid lipstick but HATE the colour on me so this will go straight into my pro kit. The Smashbox lipstick is a full size and I know I'll get loads of wear out of it, and I'm so in love with wearing the Laura Mercier gloss over the top of it. The standout in the nude section is the Buxom lip cream....Americans I'm so jealous that you can just pick these up creamy, make my lips tingle but in a great, fresh way, and last crazily long for a gloss!

Next the pinks...

Swatches l-r: Too Faced La Creme Colour Drenched Lip Cream in Marshmallow Bunny, Smashbox Lip Gloss in Pout, Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Never Say Never, Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi

Two full size products here, the Bare Minerals lipstick which I love the consistency of, and the Two Faced lipstick which is probably my favourite product in the whole set; my perfect shade by far (and super cute name). The Kat Von D liquid lipstick is a great colour but Hello cheap packaging! The colour of the Smashbox gloss isn't really that wearable but maybe over a darker lipstick I can work with it!

Anyone for some reds...

Swatches l-r: Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick in Adora, Hourglass Opaque ROuge Liquid Lipstick in Icon, Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural N45, Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate

Firstly I hated the MUF lipstick, which actually snapped off when I did this swatch. Also wasn't a fan of the Kat Von D lipstick, it's very frosty which is not my style at all. I think the Bite lip crayon is a full size and I love that I've been able to try this, so pigmented and lasts ages! I've wanted to try the Opaque Rouge for SO long so I'm really happy I got a mini sample in here, love the shade and will definitely pick some more of these up!

Lastly, darker pinks...

Swatches l-r: Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick in Inspired, OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet, Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Menace, Stila Colour Balm Lipstick in Sonya.

OK so I'm just a little bit (OK a LOT) in love with this Tarte lipstick. The formula, the colour, the lasting power...just wow. Another full size product from OCC, the first thing I've tried from them and probably the longest lasting lip product I've ever applied. The Buxom lipstick is creamy and a gorgeous colour and I'll get lots of wear out of this when I get back to wintery England! The Stila lipstick is OK, don't love it but I'm sure I'll wear it!

Such a great sample box, I got to try so many products I'd never tried but really wanted to, plus 5 full sized products!

What do you guys think?



  1. The Bite Beauty pencil looks amazing!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! any bbloggers dream! How much was it?

  3. Omg, I'm so darn jealous! I really do hope sephora here brings in special sets like this, I'd totally get this one and the mascara one! Love everything!

    1. I was so close to buying the mascara set as well but I forced myself to pick between the two!

  4. Arrrrrrrg i'm annoyed that we don't have Sephora in the UK as I'd love to get my hands on this :-)

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  5. This looks amazinggggg, why doesnt the UK have a Sephora GRRR, great buy bet you had great fun playing with all the different colours and consistencies x x

  6. these all looks so amazing, the shades are so pretty and I wish we could get all these brands here in the UK <3

  7. really want to try an OCC lip tar!

    from helen at

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  8. did you get this in Australia? would love to find somewhere here that stocks sephora stuff!

  9. Wow these look amazing! xx

  10. Oh. My. God. I think im the most jealous person ever! This looks amazing!
    Keep us updated on which is your favourite! x
    Phoebe ~